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DCU12 full digital color doppler ultrasound scanner

DCU12 full digital color doppler ultrasound scanner

    • DCU12  full digital color doppler ultrasound scanner
    • DCU12  full digital color doppler ultrasound scanner
    • DCU12  full digital color doppler ultrasound scanner
    • DCU12  full digital color doppler ultrasound scanner
    • DCU12  full digital color doppler ultrasound scanner
  • DCU12  full digital color doppler ultrasound scanner

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: China
    Brand Name: KAIXIN
    Certification: CE,ISO13485,
    Model Number: DCU12 full digital color doppler ultrasound scanner

    Payment & Shipping Terms:

    Packaging Details: Carton
    Delivery Time: One week after payment
    Payment Terms: T/T
    Supply Ability: 100
    Minimum Order Quantity: 1
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    Detailed Product Description
    High Light:

    human color doppler ultrasound scanner


    portable color doppler


    high cost performance color doppler

    DCU12 Full Digital Color Doppler Ultrasound scannerHuman)

    1. Designation: DCU12 Full Digital Color Doppler Ultrasound Scanner

    1. Application:Leading image process technical and advanced and practical clinical solution method. Applicable to diagnosis of abdominal organs(trans-vaginal included), superficial organs and cardiac. With scalable design, upgrade continuously, fully meet the needs of clinical application extension.
    2. System feature:

    3.1 Adopt A8 embedded system. High reliability to keep virus away thoroughly.

    3.2 Operation system: Limux system, English/Chinese menu switch alternatively.

    3.3 Full digital multi-beam formation technology, high precision delay dynamic receiving focusing, ultra-wide frequency imaging, adaptive image optimization processing technique, adaptive vessel imaging, adaptive Doppler imaging.

    1. Ultra-wide frequency full digital beam former: Dynamic focuse
    2. Two-dimensional grey scale imaging unit
    3. M imaging unit

    3.7 Visible and adjustable dynamic range

    3.8 Two-dimensional imaging unit, grey scale ≥ 256 level, excellently detailed and comparative resolution and full-screen uniformity

    4. Parameters:

    4.1 Specification parameters:

    1. Grey scale: 256 level
    2. Color scale: 256 level
    3. Display: 10.4’flicker-free high-resolution medical color LCD
    4. Power: 100-240V, 1.2-0.6A frequency: 50-60Hz
    5. Adapter output: DC12.8V 3.0A
    6. Power consumption: ≤100VA
    7. Main unit size: 256*150*326(mm, Length*width*height)
    8. Unit net weight: 4.5Kg(Accessories not included)

    4.2 Multi-media and accessory equipments

    1. Video recorder

    2. I-station integral work station, realize image storage, report form and cloud print

    3. U flash disk (file management, software upgrade and one-key storage) and DICOM port, convenient for data management and available to removal transmission.

    4. Dual-mode TV output: PAL/NTSC

    4.3 Probe port:

    Two enabled probe ports, automatic identification technology, available to optional probe configuration.

    4.4 Language

    Menu operation, interface language: English/Chinese switch alternatively

    4.5 Scanning parameter:

    • 3.5MHz R60 multi-frequency convex probe
    1. Scan angle: 60°
    2. Frequency range: 2.0MHz-5.0MHz
    3. Frequency conversion options: 2.0/2.5/3.5/5.0
    4. Max-scan depth: ≥190mm
    5. Blind area: ≤5mm
    6. Resolution: Axial resolution ≤1mm, Lateral resolution ≤2mm
    7. Geometrical position accuracy: Horizontal ≤5%, Portrait ≤5%
    • 7.5MHz L40 multi-frequency linear probe
    1. Frequency range: 6.0MHz-9.0MHz
    2. Frequency conversion options: 6.0/6.5/7.5/9.0
    3. Max-scan depth: ≥60mm
    4. Blind area: ≤3mm
    5. Resolution: Axial resolution ≤0.5mm, Lateral resolution ≤1mm
    6. Geometrical position accuracy: Horizontal ≤5%, Portrait ≤5%
      • 6.5MHz R11 multi-frequency trans-vaginal probe
    1. Scan angle: 135°
    2. Frequency range: 4.5MHz-9.0MHz
    3. Frequency conversion options: 4.5/5.5/6.5/7.5
    4. Max-scan depth: ≥60mm
    5. Blind area: ≤4mm
    6. Resolution: Axial resolution ≤1mm, Lateral resolution ≤1mm
    7. Geometrical position accuracy: Horizontal ≤10%, Portrait ≤5%

    4.6 Operation mode:

    1. B、B/B、4B

    2. M、B/M

    3. CFM

    4. PDI

    5. PW

    6. THI

    4.7 System set

    4.7.1 I-user-defined, superior to former aimless set, note the used set down and review and store image in one key.

    4.7.2 Original set

    1. Hospital name:

    2. Interface langguage: Chinese/English

    3. Format set

    4. Character set

    5. Time、date set

    6. Date format: yyyy-mm-dd、mm-dd-yyyy and dd-mm-yyyy to select

    7. Screensaver duration set

    8. Ket sound set

    4.7.3 Formula preset

    1. BPD

    2. CRL


    4. FL

    5. HL

    6. AD

    7. TTD



    10. AC

    11. FL

    12. LV

    13. DBH

    14. Cerebellar diameter

    15. OFD

    16. FW

    17. BSA

    4.7.4 Net Preference: Local IP address、Local Area Network Server、DICOM server set

    6. Main Function

    1. System preset function

    2. User defined system; I-User-defined, intelligent user defined system, subverts the previously blind settings of user-defined data, and memory the settings while user processes. Meanwhile we can achieve one-key to complete the browse and save.

    3. Prove switch function

    4. Mode switch function

    5. Magnification/Depth function

    6. Frequency conversion function

    7. Frame correlation function

    8. Edge enhancement adjustment function

    9. Compression curve adjustment function

    10. Image post-process adjustment function

    11. Focal adjustment function

    12. Image up/down reverse function

    13. Image freeze/unfreeze function

    14. Realize adjustment of TGC, total gain and dynamic range

    15. I-image image optimization imaging technique

    16. Adjustment of color frequency, PRF and wall filters function

    17. Sensitivity, color persistence, color threshold, color balance, color smooth and artifact removal function

    18. Adjustment of deflection, sampling volume, liner array color deflection, speed scale and the baseline function

    19. Harmonic adjustment function

    20. B general measurement function

    21. M general measurement function

    22. CFM general measurement function

    23. PDI general measurement function

    24. PW measurement function

    25. Abdominal application measurement function

    26. Obstetric application measurement function

    27. Cardiac application measurement function

    28. Urology department application measurement function

    29. Superficial application measurement function

    30. Acoustic power adjustment function

    31. Puncture guide: puncture guide function ( two puncture guide line , angle and position is adjustable)

    32. Lithotripsy position: enquired with lithotripsy special package, realize real-time positioning measurement.

    33. Storage: large internal 16G storage capacity, permanent massive storage, without loss when power off. BWP format image ≥10,000 frames, PNG format image ≥100,000 frames.

    34. Image management function

    35. Play back: massive cine storage, play back. ( B mode: 380 frames, M mode around 4000 frames)

    36. Body mark function

    37. Annotation function

    38. Input patients information function

    39. Generate report automatically

    40. One-key storage function; the convenient and practical one-key storage function, meet the user’s shortcut.

    41. One-key invoking report function

    42. One-key to transfer the ultrasound image to Network printer function, realize Network printing, make up the defect of the specified printer.

    43. Network printing.

    44. Brightness of the LED adjustment function

    45. Energy saving function

    46. Chinese and English switching function

    11. Standard configurations

    • Main unit:1 pc
    • 3.5 MHz convex abdomen probe:1 pc
    • You can choose 1pc probe from below :

    >6.5 MHz trans-vaginal probe

    > 7.5 MHz linear probe

    • Workstation software: 1 set
    • Reticle:1 pc

    12. Optional configurations

    • Foot switch
    • Trolley
    • Video recorder (UP-897MD)
    • Ethernet switch

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