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DCU5 full digital human color doppler ultrasound scanner

DCU5 full digital human color doppler ultrasound scanner

    • DCU5 full digital human color doppler ultrasound scanner
    • DCU5 full digital human color doppler ultrasound scanner
    • DCU5 full digital human color doppler ultrasound scanner
    • DCU5 full digital human color doppler ultrasound scanner
    • DCU5 full digital human color doppler ultrasound scanner
  • DCU5 full digital human color doppler ultrasound scanner

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: China
    Brand Name: KAIXIN
    Certification: CE,ISO13485,
    Model Number: DCU5 full digital color doppler ultrasound scanner

    Payment & Shipping Terms:

    Packaging Details: Carton
    Delivery Time: One week after payment
    Payment Terms: T/T
    Supply Ability: 100
    Minimum Order Quantity: 1
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    Detailed Product Description

    DCU5 Full Digital Color Doppler Ultrasound scanner


    1. System Application

    DCU5 full digital color Doppler ultrasound scanner is available for the diagnosis of abdomen (including GYN and OB), cardiology, vessel and small parts, with the following scanning mode: 2D, CFM, PDI, PW and M to provide the best resolution and sensitivity.

    Support convex probe, linear probe and transvaginal probe, etc.


    2. General Specification

    2.1 Dimension

    400mm(H) x 620mm(W) x 1200-1400mm(H) (height of liquid crystal holder is adjustable)

    N.W.: 30 Kg(without probe)

    2.2 Power Supply

    Dual power-supply system: AC110/230V -15%~+10%(self-adaptation supply voltage ) 60/50Hz±1Hz

    2.3 Display

    15" high definition & flicker free color medical LCD monitor

    3. System Description

    3.1 Probe specification

    • 3.5MHz multi-frequency convex probe

    Scanning angle:60°


    frequency scope:2.0MHz-5.0MHz

    4 multi-frequency:2.0/2.5/3.5/5.0

    Max scanning depth≥190mm

    Blind zone:≤5mm

    resolution:axial resolution ≤1mm,lateral resolution≤2mm

    precision of geometric location:lateral≤5%,vertical≤5%

    • 7.5MHz multi-frequency linear probe


    frequency scope:6.0MHz-9.0MHz

    4 multi-frequency:6.0/6.5/7.5/9.0

    Max scanning depth≥60mm

    Blind zone:≤3mm

    resolution:axial resolution ≤1mm,lateral resolution≤1mm

    precision of geometric location:lateral≤5%,vertical≤5%

    • 6.5MHz multi-frequency transvaginal probe

    Scanning angle:135°


    frequency scope:4.5MHz-9.0MHz

    4 multi-frequency:4.5/5.5/6.5/7.5

    Max scanning depth≥60mm

    Blind zone:≤4mm

    resolution:axial resolution ≤1mm,lateral resolution≤1mm

    precision of geometric location:Product Standard shows:lateral≤10%,vertical≤5%

    3.2 Operating mode

    B,B/B,4B mode

    M,B/M mode





    3.3 Probe socket: 2


    3.4 Media & peripheral device

    >USB flash card

    >Video printer: Sony UP-897MD

    >TV Output:PAL/NTSC


    >Color laser printer (defined model:HP Color LaserJet CP1515n,

    HP Color LaserJet CP1525n)

    >If you want to connect with other model Color laser printer, then you can use

    our 1pc CD and 1pc reticle (Standard configuration).


    you can do as following steps:

    1. Install CD’s software to computer.

    2. Connect color doppler to computer with reticle.

    And setup IP address as user's manual.

    3. Then your computer’s printer can print color doppler’s image and report.


    3.5 Storage

    Image storage, cine loop storage, cine loop ≥300 frames

    3.6 Puncture Guide Line

    Adjustable angle and memory storage

    3.7 Languages

    Menu operation: Chinese / English / Russia / Portuguese


    4. System Setting

    • Basic setting

    Language:English / Chinese

    Date: yyyy-mm-dd or mm-dd-yyyy or dd-mm-yyyy

    Time: 24 hours

    Body mark:≥131

    Image store format:PNG,BMP

    Time setting

    Key tone setting

    PAL / NTSC setting

    Character brightness setting

    • Formula setting:

    BPD:12 kinds formula;

    CRL:12 kinds formula;

    GS:5 kinds formula;

    FL:9 kinds formula;

    HL:3 kinds formula;

    TAD:3 kinds formula;

    TTD:1 kind formula;

    APTD:1 kind formula;

    HC:4 kinds formula;

    AC:6 kinds formula;

    FT:2 kind formula;

    LV:1 kind formula;

    THD:1 kind formula;

    TCD:1 kind formula;

    OFD:1 kind formula;

    EFW:12 kind formula;

    BSA:2 kinds formula.

    • Note setting:including pathological change, OB, routine, abdomen, GYN, Small parts, Cardiology. Towards every item, preset major terms, you can add or correct to edit when necessary.
    • Storage setting:image format selection
    • Password setting
    • Factory default
    • Exam part setting:adjustable emission power, PRF setting (preset stationary parameters according to different exam part.), adjustable Doppler angle, adjustable sample volume, adjustable linear array deflection, adjustable base line, adjustable filter wave.


    5. Acoustic beam processing

    Full digital acoustic beam technology, real time point-to-point dynamic receiving focus, continuous dynamic focus, real time dynamic adjustable variable aperture imaging technology,real time dynamic acoustic beam apodization, dynamic filtering, numerical control dynamic frequency scanning

    5.1Image Pre-treatment


    TGC:8 stages TGC

    Acoustic output:25%,50%,75%,100%

    5.2Digital channels:32

    5.35.2 Image processing


    Frame correlation:0~3

    IE(gamma correction):0~7

    Compressing curve:0~7


    6. Scanning parameters

    6.1B Mode

    B acoustic output:25%,50%,75%,100%

    B Gain:0~127


    Scanning:higher frame rates, high density

    frequency conversion:4 classes

    harmonic wave:2 classes

    6.2M Mode

    M acoustic output:25%,50%,75%,100%

    M Gain:0~127

    M Dynamic:27~100dB

    M scanning speed:1~8 classes adjustable

    M adjustable & visual sampling line

    M operating mode::scroll & scan

    Scanning:higher frame rates, high density

    frequency conversion:4 classes

    harmonic wave:2 classes

    6.3CFM color Doppler mode

    CFM Gain:0~127

    Max PRF:7.5kHz

    Min PRF:0.35kHz

    Color frequency:2 classes adjustable

    CFM wall filter:8 steps 50-350Hz

    Color persistence:4 steps

    Color threshold: 6 kinds

    Color balance: 16 steps

    Sensitivity:6 kinds

    CFM color smoothing:3 steps

    Adjustable linear array color deflection

    6.4PDI Power Doppler Mode

    PDI Gain:0~127

    PDI wall filter:4 steps, 50-350Hz

    PDI color smoothing:3 steps

    Max PRF:7.5kHz

    Min PRF:0.35kHz

    Adjustable linear array color deflection

    6.5PW Spectrum Doppler Mode

    PW Gain:0~127

    PW Dynamic:8 steps 0-120

    PW Wall filter:8 steps 50-350Hz

    Sampling volume width:0.5-20mm

    Angle correction

    Base line adjustment:7 steps

    Max PRF(Speed):7.5kHz

    Min PRF(Speed):0.35kHz

    Speed ruler:8 steps

    6.6Image diplay

    256 grades gray scale 2D image diplay

    gray scale histogram plot display

    Image reservation:up/down, right/left

    Depth scope:32~252 mm (35 grades) each probe has its own depth scope

    and adjustable grades

    Focus: continuous dynamic focus, dynamic aperture

    Dynamic: ≥100dB (visual & adjustable)

    M mode speed: 8 classes adjustable

    Display TGC curve

    Black & white related

    Video output: NTSC or PAL


    7. Measurement / Calculation

    7.1General measurement

    B Mode measurement: distance, area (distance measurement method, ellipse distance method, trace method), circumstance (distance measurement method, ellipse distance method, trace method), volume (two – axial method), angle , Histogram , sectional view, stenosis rate( length stenosis rate, area stenosis rate ) and depth.

    M mode measurement: depth, slope, heart rate, circle

    D mode measurement: velocity, heart rate, flow velocity, time acceleration, Pulse/ Resistance Index, Max differential pressure, PG mean,ratio, stroke volume, flow rate.

    7.2 Gynecology measurement and analysis:uterus, endometrium, ovary, cervix, follicle.

    7.3 Obstetric measurement and analysis

    BPD),CRL,GS,FL,HL,TAD,TTD,APTD,HC,AC,EDC,FT,LV,THD,TCD,OFD,GA,EFW,LMP,AFI,and calculate GA, EFW, EDD and growth curve, different formula of many counties.


    7.4 Urology measurement and analysis:Prostate volume, Residual Urine Volume


    Measurement report:

    Obstetric measurement report,

    gynecology measurement report,

    cardiology measurement report,

    urology measurement report and other measurement reports

    Automatically store measurement results and generate report


    8.1 Body mark

    131 kinds of body marks with probe position, which can be quickly selected by intuitive and detailed body mark interface;

    Text mark can preset text content;

    Arrow mark supports multiple arrow marks and adjustable direction


    Standard configuration:

    Main unit:1 pc

    Double probe sockets, automatically identify probe;

    3.5MHz multi-frequency abdomen convex probe:1pc

    6.5MHz multi-frequency trans-vaginal probe:1pc

    7.5MHz multi-frequency high linear probe:1pc

    CD: 1pc

    Reticle: 1pc


    Optional configuration:

    Video Printer(sony 897-MD)

    Laser printer (detail see above3.4Media & peripheral device)


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